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Surprise Eggs Kids fun Game

Developer: SkyGamingStudio

Be careful, this is very addictive game!Surprise Eggs Kids Fun Game is the best game for entertaining kids and is the ultimate surprise eggs virtual simulator. If you have kids that love to unwrap surprise eggs, this is the perfect game for them.Look what's hidden inside the eggs? Tap on egg until it's striped and find out what the surprises are hidden in eggs! In this game you will find a huge variety of colorful eggs and a lot of surprises to play with.
Surprise Eggs kids fun game is entertaining game for children containing donuts, chocolate, juice, toys, puzzles and much more fun.
How to play: * Choose the egg you would like to open * Use your fingers and tap 4 to 5 times on egg to break the colorful egg * Get surprise on a separate screen with amazing puzzle* Some eatables and drinkable are ready on tap to eat* A lot of different toys and surprises to keep your kids occupied for a long time.
Surprise Eggs Kids Fun Game is a free game for small kids. If your kid loves surprises, download this game and enjoy!